Just an exercise in writing

Feeling a little... steamy?

Your eyes penetrate my every stanza
- you begin at the top of my forehead
and with careful - graceful - loving - touch,
you slowly work your way down
- scanning over my imperfect
linebreaks and rolling piles
of my language - You roll your tongue
over my syllables - silently -
to yourself and
when you feel you're just too deep inside of me.

To the smooth rhythm of my words
you continue to read
into my - self.

I'm sorry I'm not your perfect Sestina.
Naked and exposed - I stand in front of you
With lines that run too long thick stanzas.
Run your eyes and tongue through my poetics
And make me feel - (vulnerable) - like a woman.

Hmmm... this is a seed for a future poem. I'm just playing with words at the moment... i love my job :)