Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pretty Little Picture I Just Had to Share

I got a present in the mail a few days ago :) Everyone already knows Dana's one of my heroes, right?

I've actually been a really productive Katie lately, too. In the past week, I think I've finally got a good lasso around my latest poetry chapbook manuscript, and mustered up the courage to shop it around. We'll see what happens!

I've been writing, finished a book review, and and and and... submitting to journals again! Yep, I'm baaack. I think Pity the Beautiful is proving to be a pretty good charm for me -- plus, man, it's got some fantastic stuff in it!

Now if you'll 'scuse me...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carinos Poetry Recap and... other things

Ugh I know I've been a terrible blogger lately.

I've been a terrible everything lately. I just can't seem to get focused. I've been writing poems (yay!) but they're missing a certain Katie something. Trying to get this next chapbook manuscript finalized is proving difficult. Anyway, I keep changing my mind about the theme of the book and it's driving me bonkers.

Well.. ok, so at least I've been out sharing my work and selling pre-orders! That makes me happy! X-D

Wouldn't you love to see some pictures from my latest readings? Course you would!

Now the focus of the evening was fiction. I'm not a fiction writer. Fiction scares me!! I'm a poet through and through. BUT... a lot of my poetry, lately, has been narrative. I take little snippets and moments, almost like little flash fictions, maybe? and put them into blank verse. So that's what I brought along with me to share.

First up is DR. Carmona at the mic, also known as Chris, who happens to be the editor of The Garden, Uprooted! As you can see, it was a pretty packed house.

Brian Carr was the special guest of the evening, and he was reading from his forthcoming collection, Vampire Conditions. Pretty rad if you ask me...

Oh... hehe... here's me. I was sharing my poem, "The Fall of Girl" here, and was at a particularly cringe-worthy part of the poem where a gross old man with a creepy 'stache asks N (narrator) how old she is. Hence, my face.

And here was me, about to flip the crowd off with my... pinky finger. Yeah, I'm that kinda girl!

So I needed at least one pretty looking shot to share with y'all...

My parents! Enjoying the evening with me.

And here's Eric Miles Williamson... who is pretty much amazing. He was kind enough to share some of his fiction, too.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Garden, Uprooted Now In Pre-Order!

I saw this in my inbox today, and it absolutely took my breath away. Time do ::dance::

Today, nothing can bring me down! :-) Not after seeing this, anyway. Goodness, in my wildest dreams I'd never have imagined that my first book would look so beautious.

So now comes the wonderful task of collecting pre-orders. Would you like to be on my ultra exculsive list of people I love dearly? Of course you would! If you live in the Rio Grande Valley, you'll be able to catch me both tonight at Poetry Pasta and Vino in Brownsville, and Saturday in McAllen! Both at Carino's Italian. With every pre-order, I'm giving away a copy of my latest chapbook, The Garden of Dresses.

Or! You COULD wait until the book is out and be slightly less cool and order the thing on Amazon... but those don't come with a nice little love letter from me! ;) or a free chappie, plus you have to pay shipping, see what I'm getting at??? LoL.

For those of y'all NOT in the RGV that would like to pre-order, shoot me an email at and I'll put you on my mailling list to receive a form through the... mail! Wow right?

OokOkoKOko back to poeming. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Day to Celebrate!

Well well well...

I hit a milestone today. I received my 50th rejection of the year, and it's not even quite half way through 2012! I am well on my way to hitting my goal of triple digits.

However, the idea behind my "rejection celebration" has been a little lost to me, so I'm going to try and go back and reflect on it. I'm having trouble getting back in the saddle, so to speak. I mean, fifty rejections IS a little brutal on a girl's self-esteem. So why was I doing this, anyway? A few reasons.

1. Getting rejection letters means I'm submitting

And submitting I am, indeed. Earlier this year I was really shooting out submissions in anticipation for The Garden, Uprooted. So by receiving these rejections, it shows that indeed I was consistent with my submissions. Good job, Katie!

2. The odds are with me?

LOL. Right? For every 100 rejections you should get at least one acceptance? True, I'd say. This year I've also received 5 acceptances, so my "batting average" is about 10%, which isn't too embarrassing. Sweet.

3. A Healthy Outlook on Rejections

If you know me, I'm goal oriented, and the idea behind this challenge was to make rejections into a lighthearted goal for myself to work towards. I'm not EXACTLY proud of my 50 rejection letters, but what I AM proud of is the fact that I'm putting myself out there as a writer, and working towards an ultimate goal which is, of course, to be a better poet. Poets share their work. I must too. So the cycle goes.

All in all, rejection letters still sting; I'd be a horrible liar to say they didn't.

How are you handling your 2012 rejection letters?

 Now I think I'll go shoot another submission out to the universe, if you'll 'scuse me....