A Day to Celebrate!

Well well well...

I hit a milestone today. I received my 50th rejection of the year, and it's not even quite half way through 2012! I am well on my way to hitting my goal of triple digits.

However, the idea behind my "rejection celebration" has been a little lost to me, so I'm going to try and go back and reflect on it. I'm having trouble getting back in the saddle, so to speak. I mean, fifty rejections IS a little brutal on a girl's self-esteem. So why was I doing this, anyway? A few reasons.

1. Getting rejection letters means I'm submitting

And submitting I am, indeed. Earlier this year I was really shooting out submissions in anticipation for The Garden, Uprooted. So by receiving these rejections, it shows that indeed I was consistent with my submissions. Good job, Katie!

2. The odds are with me?

LOL. Right? For every 100 rejections you should get at least one acceptance? True, I'd say. This year I've also received 5 acceptances, so my "batting average" is about 10%, which isn't too embarrassing. Sweet.

3. A Healthy Outlook on Rejections

If you know me, I'm goal oriented, and the idea behind this challenge was to make rejections into a lighthearted goal for myself to work towards. I'm not EXACTLY proud of my 50 rejection letters, but what I AM proud of is the fact that I'm putting myself out there as a writer, and working towards an ultimate goal which is, of course, to be a better poet. Poets share their work. I must too. So the cycle goes.

All in all, rejection letters still sting; I'd be a horrible liar to say they didn't.

How are you handling your 2012 rejection letters?

 Now I think I'll go shoot another submission out to the universe, if you'll 'scuse me....