Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Year...

Well it's New Year's Eve.

What have I accomplished in 2009?

1. Published "Deisies Bloom in Fall", "Aisha", and "Jesus Loves Jackie" in the Journal of Texas Women's Writers (Jan 09)

2. Presented "Bah! Comic Books" Presentation at SWTX Popular Culture Association in Albuquerque, NM (Feb. 09)

3. Presented "Three Hundred Euros" at South Texas College's Human Trafficking conference (April 09)

4. "The Double Murder" and "On South Padre" published in Boundless anthology (April 09)

5. "Santa Rosa of Lima" accepted into Spring 2010 issue of Reflections (Oct. 09)

6. "Among the Mariposas" chosen as a winner of the Nuestra Voz chapbook competition, and will be published in spring (Dec. 09)

Yes, that's right! I'm having my own book published! So exciting!!!

Did I accomplish enough this year? I remember at the beginning of this year, I said my motto would be "Just live your dream". Just go for it. I'm the only one that can make this happen.

I think I'm making it happen :-) Bye 09. You were good to me. May 2010 be just as prosperous.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Disappointed in Myself.

I haven't been writing lately.

I don't think my work will be accepted into Touchstone.

I did submit to Borderlands Review, though. I think my submission got sent out late though, so who knows. I submitted "My Reflection in the Rio Grande", "South on HWY 281", "My Shadow Watches Me", and "The Birthday Girl". It's a long shot. But maybe?

How can I stay motivated to improve my writing? Ugh. I'm disappointed in myself.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Mom

I've avoided writing about my mother for many years. We have a... complicated relationship. But it's a good sort of complicated.

I'm attempting a poem about her. Here's my brainstorm. I hope it can springboard into something.

You - so accustomed to your womanhood
Naked and brown - your hands like ice skates
sliding a razor across your slowly expanding legs.
You didn't miss a hair.

My legs - waving with unsightly peach fuzz
that collected dirt
and felt ugly in gym class.

You made it look so damn easy.

Your body smelled always
like jasmine and sweet
I watched you struggle to rise
to lift your burdon of womanhood
from t he bathtub, your breasts rising
glistening and sagging.
You grabbed a towel
you'd neatly folder beside you
and wrapped it around your tired
curves and you sighed
before heading out to your bedroom
to go about the other burdens (find a new word)
that womanhood so lovingly requires.
You made it all look easy, mom, the way you instinctively twisted your hair into a bun, you plucked your perfect eyebrows without flinching, or the way you could slide a tampon inside of yourself, make it disappear with only a thin white reminder. Somewhere inside of me I thought womanhood would be easy - that I would flow through her as effortlessly as you did. I hadned been numbed to the burden (new word) of womanhood. I hadn't been slapped across the face, beaten and abused, My white legs were scratched and scarred for not having your delicate touch with the razor, I squinted my eyes tight in pain as my white skin caught in the razorblade andd peeled away from bone - I tried to tame my eyebrowns, but I thought too much about plucking that I scared myself. I was too small - too dry - to swiftly glide the tampon in like you do - I whinced in pain and was left with half of it sticking outside of me. I sat funny all day.

Mom, you made womanhood look so damn easy. I wasn't prepared to suffer.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Submissions

I've been rather ambitious.

I know it's a super long shot. I saw a call for manuscripts for a short chapbook by a woman living in the border region. I'm not a sterotypical border woman, and I don't write stereotypical border poems about my grandmother's hands, making tortillas, or working the fields (nothing wrong with that, of course).

However, I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't exactly have a manuscript ready, but I had a lot of spare time yesterday. I basically pulled two poems out of my ass, threw together a bunch of poems I've written about my old teaching job (in an impoverished border town) and I'm calling it a chapbook. Will it get published? Probably not. But at least I've gotten some writing done on the subject, and found some sort of closure inside of myself. Anyway, I'm proud.

I had planned on really putting ass to chair this thanksgiving break. It didn't happen at all. Some people write better when they're depressed. I'm definately not one of them. I know this sounds stupid and childish, but my cat was very ill. I don't have children, so my cats fill that void. And when one of them is sick... well... I kind of obsess over it. So that's what I was doing during my vacation weekend. Instead of getting out there, visiting old missions, walking the borderline at our local state park, observing butterflies and generally inspiring myself, I sat around in my bath robe at home until about 4pm everyday, drinking wayy too much coffee and mopping up cat diahrrea and vomit. Cat's doing better now, and thus I am able to write again.

Anyway, looming deadline Borderlands Review Dec 15th. Be there. Submit. Write Katie. You can and will do this.