More Submissions

I've been rather ambitious.

I know it's a super long shot. I saw a call for manuscripts for a short chapbook by a woman living in the border region. I'm not a sterotypical border woman, and I don't write stereotypical border poems about my grandmother's hands, making tortillas, or working the fields (nothing wrong with that, of course).

However, I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't exactly have a manuscript ready, but I had a lot of spare time yesterday. I basically pulled two poems out of my ass, threw together a bunch of poems I've written about my old teaching job (in an impoverished border town) and I'm calling it a chapbook. Will it get published? Probably not. But at least I've gotten some writing done on the subject, and found some sort of closure inside of myself. Anyway, I'm proud.

I had planned on really putting ass to chair this thanksgiving break. It didn't happen at all. Some people write better when they're depressed. I'm definately not one of them. I know this sounds stupid and childish, but my cat was very ill. I don't have children, so my cats fill that void. And when one of them is sick... well... I kind of obsess over it. So that's what I was doing during my vacation weekend. Instead of getting out there, visiting old missions, walking the borderline at our local state park, observing butterflies and generally inspiring myself, I sat around in my bath robe at home until about 4pm everyday, drinking wayy too much coffee and mopping up cat diahrrea and vomit. Cat's doing better now, and thus I am able to write again.

Anyway, looming deadline Borderlands Review Dec 15th. Be there. Submit. Write Katie. You can and will do this.