The Shadow

"Look hard at what pleases you and harder at what doesn't" -Colette

How can a poet dive down in into the depths of something ugly, instead of splashing in it? I think the real challenge is writing about something terrible in a beautiful way.

Ahhh... I'm just trying to improve my writing here. I had a no show this morning and thought it was my responsiblity to take this little tidbit of time to dwell on an idea that I've been baking for awhile.

I'm a person who lives by feelings, not ideas. I follow my heart and not my mind. I try to live by this, and now... if only I could come full circle, and have my writing filled with duende. Ahh... yeah that'll be the day :-)

I think this is an idea that I need to dwell on more... I'll be back to write more... I promise.