Adding another publication to the CV.

Two of my poems were accepted into Reflections! They were Santa Rosa of Lima and The Double Murder.

This is definately a good day for the writer in me. This will definately motivate me to submit to Touchstone before the 15th.

I've been writing a little bit lately. Here are some of my more memorable images.

These are in no particular order whatsoever.

Your clothing censors your body.
Your eyes censor me from your soul, that part of you body I would never dare to touch.
You clothing censors your body- I'm left afraid of the mystery of what's underneath.

I write with my tongue - salivating in anticipation around each carefully crafted word and feel their movement inside of me. I'm ripe with poetry that's afraid to leave the womb. But one day, I know I'll explode a mess of guts and words here at my desk will be all that remains.

I'm a dirty dirty wife who prefers the chaos of my kitchen to the binding sparkling ring of its tidiness. Oh but it's dirty, Oh by I'm free to love and love and love.

Our desires hide behind the veils of our eyes and my intentions lie somewhere beneath our words - deep inside our intonations. Fear censors me, covers my mouth when my emotion wells up like green slimy phlem from my troat and one day it will shoot out - an orgasm of emotion and you still won't understand how deeply I need you.

My body hides behind these layers of clothing in fear that you just might please her - she doesn't want you to see her raw and naked
emotion or here my soft sighs of pleasure.
So my desires hide behind the veils of my eyes.

I was thinking about your soul - that part of your body I'll never dare to touch -
its just too deep inside of you, and I'm afraid to be swallowed by your rolling piles of emotion or to drown in your forever welling desires. There's never enough of me or you or me.

I have to chisel, and think, and mediate until all of this crap becomes a poem. Hmmm...

but for now, I'm celebrating my success.