Saturday's Jitterz Reading~

Aww, there we are! In all of our awesomeness. This was from the Art That Heals reading at Jitterz this past Saturday. Thanks to Julieta for this wonderful picture :-)
So you probably can figure that I'm on the far right. Next to me is poet Frank Pina, and... I forget who that man in red is next to him...
Anyway, then is Julieta in the pretty black dress, and... XAVIER GARZA! right there in the middle. Yes, Xavier Garza made a surprise appearance, reading from his latest release from Arte Publico Press. Ok - next to Xavier (we're going to the left) is Lady Mariposa, Nepthali De Leon (author of Chicano Popcorn!), The Poet Mariachi, and then... Mr. David Solis.
So what a night it was! Bruno made it out to show his support, in addition to his mom and my parents too! I even sold a few copies of Among the Mariposas.
What's next for this poeta? Good question. How about some good old fashioned rest? LoL.