Recent "Happenings"

Wow it's been a while...

I've been crazy busy, and Blogger was pissing me off a little so I quit blogging for a few weeks. But I'm back, with just a scrap of free time.

Oh oh oh, the biggest news? I passed my defense! The Ripening of Mangos is a go go, and I will be graduating with the MFA next month... WOOHOO!

Now I don't mean to jinx myself, but lately things have been going so smoothly. Too smoothly, you ask? That's why I'm suspicious. I had a terrible dream a few nights ago that I never applied for graduation, and was going to have to wait an entire year to finish (AHHH!!). So in real life, I called the graduate office frantic, thinking it was some sign from God... but no... no... they calmed my neurotic fear and said I'm set to walk.

Hmm... I thought... too darn easy...

And then... thesis advisor wanted me to make sure my thesis title will be included in commencement program... and I thought it was too late! But no, no, somehow, magically, I had already submitted everything for that and the registrar looked at me like I was crazy when I said "I don't believe you".

So... do I have a guardian angel leading me through the beauracracy known as UTPA? Perhaps, perhaps... that's what I'm beginning to think...

In other news:

"La Pulga Beauties" has been posted on Front Porch. I'm more than happy, it's just a few poems down from Sherman Alexie's!!! Ahh! ::Giddy poet moment of screaming and jumping up and down::

In all seriousness, check it out:


And the more I read the poem, the more I like it :) And I love Front Porch, too.

Other news? Oh, my poem "That Sort of Woman" will be included in the Valley International Poetry Festival Anthology, Boundless, so that was yay news. The boo news that goes along with it, though, is that I likely won't be taking an active role in the festival this year. I'm just too damn busy :-/ and everything is taking place so far from my house...

So I've been having a wonderful past few days... how have your's been? Have you lost your mind yet?