Why I LOVE Lavender Review

So there's this fantastic indie journal I've recently discovered called The Lavender Review. I just have to say, it's been a pleasure to sift through.

Lavender Review is a one woman show, founded and edited by Mary Meriam, a poet I love and respect. I met Mary on Eratosphere when I joined about a year ago, and she's posted some of the more inspired sonnets I've read in a very long time.

Anyways! Lavender Review needs some support. Mary's put together a Kickstarter campaign because, after all, it's an independent journal run on the sweat and love. Check out the updates section for more videos of poets, artists, and readers declaring their love for the journal, too! I hope you'll consider LOVING the Lavender Review back by sending in your support or uploading a video like I have. The deadline's May 4th! 

Let's keep this journal going, so woman everywhere can have their voices heard.

Here's my video, which... is probably one of the least interesting on the site! X-D Check out Rick Mullin's video, which is beyond cute.

Why I think Lavender's Important:

Lavender Review is dedicated to providing poetry for the LGBT community, and promoting the visual and literary arts of women. I love LAV because it's all about broadening the conversation, tearing down boundaries, and giving voice to some of the most fantastic poets around. We need more journals like this one around, that's for certain.

Don't take Katie's word for it, readers. Issue 4 is out and about, just waiting to be savored. And you know what? It's dedicated to fairy tales! Here's my personal fave from the issue:

Woman Into Tree by Gail White

Lavender Review needs our support to continue publishing and promoting the arts. For issue 5, Mary is planning on a special themed issue about gardens, which sounds really exciting to me (I am, after all, a garden goddess myself... or err... I like to think I am...).FYI... she's currently taking submissions.