Katie's Summer State of Mind

This summer (so far) has been pretty laid back. I've had the house to myself, and while I'm getting work done, it's not necessarily as much as I had dreamed of. I'm learning that my poetry pace is, perhaps, a little slow, and that's ok. My work is evolving, changing, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm also learning that cats can be a serious distraction :-P And that I really haven't found the occasion to blog as much as I'd hoped.

Since my last blog post, I've written 8 new pieces, though they're not exactly polished just yet. I need workshop.

I've also written and found a home for a new book review (yay!) which should be out shortly. I'm working on another review, too, so my goal before the fall rolls around will be to finish that, too.

I've also been doing a lot of editing. I'm working as a book screener again this summer, which is always rewarding, yet time consuming. I think it's important to see what other poets are doing, what's working, and what really isn't.

And this. I've been taking care of myself, mentally, spiritually, and physically. I think this is the most important accomplishment. I know that as a writer, to produce, I need to feel nourished. So I'm reading regularly again, I'm meditating, praying, contemplating. I'm eating better, too. I'm running regularly again, and I've even started lifting weights (hah... ok, the puny ones). For the most part, my body's been rewarding me with feeling good, except, well, for the past few days, but that'll pass, I'm sure.

A week from today, I go back to work, though I'm easing back in. I'm only teaching one composition class. My hope is to keep up this routine of writing, reading, taking care of myself even through the fall.  And my hope is that this will nourish me and the work I produce. Slow and steady? Yeah. But perhaps that's ok. I'm in a summer state of mind, and I'm savoring it :)

Fall, please don't come around too soon, ok?