Napo 4

Today's prompt was to write a love poem, avoiding cliches about love poems. I need to come back to this idea, though. My goal is to turn this poem into an almost anti-disney princess love poem, poking fun at how love is portrayed to girls. Like, it's supposed to be this transformative thing for us, but in reality, falling in love with B was wonderful, yes, but I'm still me and he's still him, though we've built our lives around supporting one another. Anyway, here's what I've got so far. I'm not happy with the poem itself, but I like the idea of rethinking how we look at and experience love.

Love Story

We don’t have a great love story.
We were strangers once, and now we’re not.
There was nothing magical about seeing you
Across the classroom, no singing birds, no rainbows,
Just a florescent light, an empty desk that I would fill.
On our first date, we didn’t fall in love –
Just got to know each other over soggy calamari,
Sweet iced tea, and stories of our pasts.

Our first kiss didn’t wake me from some slumber,
I was already alive to taste your lips, your hesitating tongue.
Your love for me didn’t transform you from a beast
Into a man – you were already whole and so was I.
And when we decided on forever, together,
Our happily ever after didn’t cost me my life,
The sea, the sand between my toes. Instead,
We stood there hand in hand before the uncertainty

Of our lives, knowing that we’d face then side by side.