Napo 14

I had some trouble writing today. I have a headache, probably from dehydration from my long run this morning. I spent most of the day working on my column, also, which required some brain power. So I'm beat.
Today's prompt was to play with homophones or homographs. I decided to riff on the pray/prey. I want to do some more thinking on this idea, but here's what I have for now:

Prayer of Prey

Up in a palm tree,
A great horned owl
Returns to its nest
Of dying fronds.

My coming startles her,
And she drops her bounty
To the ground with a thump—

A headless dove, its neck
Bejeweled in red.
She flutters off into the sunset,
Leaving the treasure
At my feet.

I want to say a prayer
For prey. I want to say
A prayer for the hunter,
Hungry. But who to pray

To? Who created this awful
Lockstep of devouring
And being devoured?

My skin turns to gooseflesh
As I shovel the fresh kill
Over the fence. I can’t look
at so much red, a portal
to a question of who
could let such beauty
go to waste in the dust?