Daily Writing

Wanted to share an image from today's daily writing:

The deep wrinkle of river
That pulls bodies apart making love
To the bridge that mounts
Her senora’s body
Tired from carrying

The blood warm bodies
Armed with trembling teethStuffed to the deepest bone.

So I'm pretty proud that I've been keeping this writing journal. I add to it I'd say 4 days out of the week, and most days when I do write, it's pretty substantial amounts.

Yay me. I'll keep going with it. Maybe it will become a poem, maybe.


  1. I like this image and congrats on writing regularly. As writers I guess we all make this promise and it is so hard to keep it. How do those professionals churn out so much writing? I bet they write EVERY day. Wow....what a concept. Keep up the good work. I have just begun following your blogso don't stop. I am looking for you to inspire me to write something every day. Take care....and write write write......Jon Larson


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