I'm completely psyched at the moment.

This week I have had such a negative attitude towards myself. I don't know if it's the oppressive heat, the fact that I'm once again addicted to world of warcraft, or perhaps it's just me feeling a little under the weather for reasons we will not speak of... but I've been a complete and total bitch to myself lately.

I haven't been able to write a single word. I was looking for any reason to not write - like "oh I only have 45 minutes that's just enough time to get me warmed up" or "look at all of this busy work that needs doing" or... "a good wife writes but a great wife cleans the kitchen"... that sort of bull. And when I would set aside time to write, I found myself doodling! DOODLING! What a loser.

So today, with such a slow day at the office, I thought to set aside at least three hours to my writing. Close the door to my office, turn on my soothing water fountain, tune out boss' voice, and simply write. Take a deep breath... and write. So that's what I did. By lunch, I had absolutely nothing. Damn. Wasted MORE time.

The afternoon rolled around, and I went out for a bit of a walk to refresh myself. Ah... a walk in the drizzle of rain... blustery wind... sure was a nice change to the morning which was unbelievably hot. Anyway... when I came back to my office I put pen to paper and began working on a piece that I've been baking up in my head for awhile.

And it came fluid - from my head to paper :) and the poem makes me smile too. It needs work, but I've broken through my writing block. I've got SOMETHING written this week, and now I can hopefully spend the rest of the week preparing a new proposal! Phew~

more details on that later though. It's time for this poeta to waste some time surfing the web! Yay! I've earned it.

Here's a little excerpt of today's loving labors:

underneath your desk Hides
a secret pleasure, when you kick
Those stilettos aside and secretly
Slip your eager toes Into another
pair, and succumb To the womanly pleasure
Of cheap gray flats.