17 Days Till V Day (or maybe more like Katie Crash and Burn Day)


Yes - the calm before the storm. I can hear crickets chirping as my thesis committee works on critiquing my manusciprt...

LoL, yeah I had a little meeting with my thesis chair today and he was pretty encouraging. This just might work! ;-D

Today I also sent in registration to VIPF, and submitted to DIAGRAM and and and, well now I'm feverishly trying to make some changes to thesis before, um, I have to go home at 5? Ok so I guess there's no real rush.

By the way, in the past I've always hated Sylvia Plath (you know, back when I was beat into submission by a plethora of patriarchal poetry critics) but I'm starting to feel her vibes. Sylvia, oh Sylvia, I'm just starting to understand you. Maybe I'll get there, one day. Maybe I'll stick my head in an oven, too, when I finally do.

Oh wells.

So the countdown begins. I'm busy - please do not disturb (ok please disturb if you come bearing coffee or alcohol, just not both at the same time I'm not in the mood to completely destroy the dichotomy just yet)