Back to Reality

Ok I'm back.

I'm myself again, sort of whatever that means...

Since I've been 'away' (mentally, not physically mind you) I have:

Presented at NACCS!
Organized one kick ass reading (if I may say so myself) at Cosina del Caribe
Sold books to university libraries (yay! two copies of my book are going all the way to Michigan!)
Wrote a new poem
Submitted The Garden of Dresses to beautiful lovely and wonderful publisher (who I love, very much and who also happens to read this blog and no I'm not brown nosing in the least but I will certainly make her loads of delicious brownies and cheesecakes and chocolates and cookies and everything she wants if she decides to publish said chapbook on merit alone not dreaming of said sweets)
Published TWO poems in Word Riot (and even made an audio recording my myself reading them!)
And... drum roll please.....

absolutely nothing else :)


Ahhh I've been going to crazy lately with all of these looming deadlines. I'll get it all done :-) I just need to focus.

Oh, pictures of NACCS will be posted soon, promise.

Till then, I am returning to my 'cave'.