Writers Block :'(

Oh man...

I've got the bug, people! Bad bad bad!

I can't write any poems - ziltch nada nothin'. I'm thinking maybe its because I'm too excited about West Chester next week... but man that's NOT a good excuse to be poetically barren. I gotta cut this out, and fast.

I did write a poem last week, which I'm actually quite happy with. But... it's been a week and I haven't even had a productive freewrite episode. Not cool. Not cool. NOT COOL! :'( And then the more upset I get about NOT writing, the more I focus on how much I need to write, and the less I'm able to produce.

No upcoming readings, either. Well, actually... maybe I need to light a bit of fire under my behind and that might spark something :)

Here's to hoping the conference will get me goin' again. I'm sure it will!