Big News!

Today there was cause for dancing in my office...

I have just received word that Slough Press will be publishing my first full manuscript of poems!

I had to read the email about fifty million times before the news sank in.

And then, I couldn't breathe :)

Tenetively, it's titled The Garden, Uprooted. I'm not married to the title, so let's see what editor has to say.

Oh my I'm just so unbelievably excited!

But you know what else I feel?

Suspiciously empty.

This manuscript's been in the works since 2007... that's four years of writing, crafting, editing, musing, loving, and hating. I've gone through about a million zillion drafts... And now... it's off in the hands of a very able editor... but it's out of my hands...

I'm having some type of... seperation anxiety from my poems!

I totally need to get over it.

Back to the happy dancing! :D

You know there will be many more details to come!


  1. Congratulations Katie! Fortunately, the editor will put the manuscript back in your hands for some changes, so don't worry. I look forward to learning more.


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