Book Contract!!

On the eve of Christmas Eve (hah!), I got an early Christmas present.

I signed my book contract with Slough Press!


Now I had always imagined contract signing to be a very... mmm... scary ordeal. Someone is out to screw someone, right? And it's legally binding and and you have to negotiate and such, right?

But this experience was nothing of the sort. Editor and I met at Starbucks for coffee, chit chatted a bit, and he explained to me what was in the contract. I had done a bit of reading on what to expect from a book contract (on the poets and writers website).

So everything sounds good to me, and I am feeling very comfortable and confident about the project. One reassuring aspect of this process is the fact that my editor and I are both active participants in our local poetry scene -- which means that we know each other already! Phew, so having my precious project in the hands of someone I know and trust? Well, that makes a big difference.

I am very happy to report that my book will be available of course on Amazon, and at Barnes and Nobles stores across the country (likely by special order only, but still -- super cool!). Editor also tells me to clear summer schedule for possible book tour around Texas. Aye.

And what's the next step? I ask. Let's get back to reality, and think short term goals.

Nothing! He says, you just sit back and let me do the hard work. I can totally do that :) Especially since I've already begun working on my second book
In a few weeks, I will be expecting some "requested revisions" and edits. I told editor that I'm actually pretty open to suggestions. For some reason (and I think it's because I've already begun work on next book) I'm ready to relinquish creative control of my book, and let someone with fresh eyes take a look at it. I wasn't feeling this way a few weeks ago, but I've had a bit of a change of heart.

And beyond that? Well, next up comes the task of requesting blurbs and possibly an introduction, looking for cover art and and and...

LOL. Ok, so I've got some hard work ahead of me, too. But for now -- please let me sleep off my Christmas hangover, and get to eating some of BruBru's delicious delicious Swedish pancakes.

Oh, and a lunch date with another poet this afternoon to discuss all things musing.