Memory Loss and other unfortunate side effects of my crazy crazy life

Yesterday was both eerie and fascinating.

You see, I've been wildly busy lately, hence, my dearth of blog posts.

I'm working on finalizing The Garden of Dresses which is set for release on March 2nd. Going through proofs and galleys, edits, and I kind of restructured the entire thing from my original plan. So it's been a challenge.

And not only that, but I've been planning my "talk" and reading for the panel I'm moderating. I've spent the past few days watching YouTube videos of AWP panels, learning what to do and what not to do.

And then there's my collection, The Garden Uprooted, that's demanding bits and pieces of my attention and time.

And the characters in my novel refuse to shut up and learn that there's a time and place for them, and that time and place is not now. So I have to keep writing their story X-D

And this is all of my writing stuff, my "Extra curricular" because on top of all this I'm working two jobs, and taking a graduate class (remind me, Katie, why did you decide to take all this on??).

So in other words -- I'm busy. I'm stressed. I'm driving myself ::just a little bit:: nuttsos.

And perhaps my little brain is reaching some sort of a breaking point. Yesterday, I got home from job #2 at about, oh, 7:30pm, and was ready to settle in for an evening of working on my novel. I haul my book bag, my purse, and my "professor" bag, thinking all is well, I'm ready to relax...

This morning, Bruno wakes me up, beyond concerned. "Katie?" he asks, "Katie are you ok?"


He proceeds to tell me that apparently, I left my car door open. No, not unlocked, OPEN. As in, forgot to close. Stray cats were resting inside.

And just a few days ago, while driving (and admittedly  reciting a sonnet and working on auditory edits)I nearly took out my back fence.

Gosh... gosh gosh gosh I hope all of this is just temporary authorial insanity.

Regardless, I'm chugging on, functioning with perhaps only half my brain.

See you punks in Chicago B-)


  1. Wow, Katie. Take a breather. See you soon!

  2. LOL yeah, I'm calling my brief time away from work my "mental health days." Today, I spent the whole day in my pajamas. It felt fantastic!


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