We're 10% Done with 2012. How are you surviving, KatieKins?

Pretty ok I guess.

I think right now might be a good time to check on my progress X-D Especially on that resolution for accumulating 100 rejection letters. We're about 10% of the way through the year, so in theory, I should have 10 rejection letters? And maybe a few acceptances? Let's check it out!

"Katie's On A Rejection Mission!"
6/100 Rejection letters

Ok so maybe I'm not doing so hot in this department. I need to kick it up a notch ;) BAM! LOL. Sure why not.

But how about acceptances?

I mean, I don't really have a goal for acceptances, but so far in 2012 I've received acceptance letters from 3 different markets! X-D For 5 different poems. So that's exciting! My ratio is starting off pretty good, I suppose. I say it's easier to look at markets rather than indivitual poems. So that makes me 3 acceptances/ 9 responses. 33%!!!

Hey I'm feeling better about 2012 already. Here's to hoping there's more exciting things to come :) :) :)

Other goals --

Write 50 poems. Heh. I've written 6 poems this year so far, so I'm just a little bit ahead. They're all for my next chapbook, so I'm working on having that done by the end of June. It's on track and I feel good about my progress.

Finish Novel. Ugh. I'm dragging my feet with this. It's getting hard to find time to write each evening. This is something I need to work at making time for (and FOCUS on actually finishing, instead of going off on tangents with my characters which I love to do by the way).

Short Stories. Haven't started this. Once novel's done, I keep telling myself.

Book Reviews: Ok, ok, ok I haven't done this either. But I'm not behind yet, because we're only 10% of the way through 2012 and I only need to write 4 X-D