The Great Hibernation

That's exactly what I want to do for the next few weeks, sleep, sleep, and sleep some more...

With my unofficial Texas book tour under my nonexistant belt (After this roadtrip, I don't need a belt...), I am now recovering from over a week of driving, reading, and celebrating. After my book signings, I had a family reunion to attend, which yes, was a great deal of fun. I have one of those marvelous, enormous, beer-drinking, jovial and loud Wisconsin families. There was much cheese to be had. But now I'm back in Tejas, back in my office, back at my quiet country home, ready to recharge for the craziness that will be my first year as a full-time professor.

This. This peace and quiet is exactly what I need.

So I'm off into hibernation. I've got a stack of books waiting for reviews, and a heart filled with poems and stories to write.

And some good news to share:

Katie Named a Quarter Finalist for the Mary Ballard Chapbook Prize!

Ovid, you will be wearing cowgirl boots before I'm through with you B-) And you will like it. Promise.