Book Signing!!


I've been 'booked' for a book signing! Hah!

I'll be reading at Barnes and Noble in McAllen (north 10th) at 7:00pm on Saturday May 8th.

Am I excited? Yes.

Even more though, I'm nervous as heck. How does one go about setting up a book signing? I haven't a clue!!!

I used to work at Hastings way back in the day. I would work with authors to set up their book signings, but I remember always feeling horribly inadequete. I always found out like the day of the event, had no direction from my managers, and would feel guilty when author would chastise me for being so... incompetant. (Sigh) Now it's time for me to be on the other end of the frustration... maybe. Or maybe things will go smoothly. Who knows!

Ok so Katie's a busy girl. Being a poetita is hard work. I don't have time to write anymore... :'( . On my to do list for the next few weeks:

1. Prepare portfolio for Form and Theory class (5 poems, done... pretty much) due tomorrow.

2. Write two new poems for Poetry Workshop (thursday)

3. Prepare for Wild Tongues conference (Saturday) must also book hotel and pack, maybe shop for new outfit?

4. prepare portfolio for poetry workshop class (12 polished up poems) due may 6th

5. prepare for Barnes and Noble book signing! Must create poster, business cards, and flyers, sign consignment contract, and round up some poets to read with me (reading is may 8th)

6. Write 10 page poetic statement - due may 11th

7. Write and submit a proposal for AWP conference - due may 15th

8. Prepare for reading at Savory Perks - may 22nd

9. Polish up workshop for an unknown saturday in June for the Writer's Forum

Is that it? Come on! Bring it on! This poeta can handle it. Ah crap my student is here...