Jitterz Reading Last Night!

Did I have a great time at Jitterz or what?! :-D

Soooooooo many poets, soooooooo much support, and wayyyyyy too much coffee LoL! We raised over $100 for Tato Laviera (disabled and homeless poet who gave workshops with our university), and I even sold a few of my chapbooks!! I had the guts to get up and read TWICE, once as part of a student/faculty reading and again at the open mic. I think I did ok, poems didn't go over the best. I read "Breakfast with Fur" which is kind of a weird poem... I don't think the audience got it. Oh well.

Oh! And I was a judge at both the youth and adult poetry slams B-) Boy did I feel important or what? All in all, it was a GREAT opportunity for me to meet fellow poets, share my work, promote my chapbook, and raise money for a good cause. And Bruno joined me! My lovie dovie poo poo! I know he probably felt uber uncomfortable with all the artsy strangeness going on, but he was there to support me and that means so much.

I will work on hunting down some pictures... I saw plenty of shutterbugs going off...!

So a success? Definately. I had a wonderful time. However... I did develop a bit of a pet peeve... the arrogant poet. Ugh. I won't say any more.

Also, I'm finding it difficult to 'brag' myself. I don't like to just go up there and say "hey, buy my chapbook its great!". I feel weird peddling it on people, bringing it up in conversation, and just... promoting it. So... um... I think I need to get over that. There's a balance between humility and arrogance, and you dont have to JUST be one or the other. I need to learn how to walk the fine line. Hmmm...