So What's New?!

What's new in the world of Katie??


Well I'm getting a little bit nervous. To me, it seems like everything is running together lately, like I'm double booking myself all over the map. Ah! I need to organize myself
Upcoming Events:

The Valley International Poetry Festival - April 22-25:
Boundless Anthology reading: 7-9 at McAllen Chamber of Commerce
And somewhere in all this mess I'm giving a workshop on putting together a chapbook. When, where, why? No idea.

Wild Tongues Conference in San Antonio - May 1st, but I will be in San Antonio having a romantic getaway for the whole weekend. Maybe book a B&B on the river walk? Definately visiting La Villita, and will sip wine and have long sappy conversations with my BruBru. Ah I'm looking forward to it.

Um, what else?

Still waiting on a release date for Among the Mariposas. I would like to do a book signing when it comes out, but maybe the release will coincide with VIPF which would be GREAT X-D

And I'm very nervous because in another life I'm an academic advisor for freshmen students, and we have an orientation the weekend of VIPF. Why does work have to get in the way of poetry? I'm a poet damnit! Everything else comes AFTER that simple fact. Such is life. Stupid life... (grumble grumble).

I have no idea what's on the horizon. Summer is usually a pretty slow time though. I'm going to work on prepping manuscripts for submission, and writing writing writing.

By the way... I've been doing some serious thinking on my future lately, too. Is a PhD next for me? Or what about an MLS? When I graduate, will I be able to get a job teaching? Will I still be in el valle? Or will the big city lull me away? There are so many unknowns out there, and I'm the kind of person that throughouly hates unknowns.

Call me a control freak, but whatever, that's how I am.