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They updated the Borderlands website to reflect the latest issue - the issue in which my poem North on 281 appears! Hurray! :)

Here's the website in case you're interested in ordering a copy of this lovely and professional publication (I'm throughougly enjoying my contributor copy):

In other news...

I start working a second job this coming Saturday. I will be working with Upward Bound as an English instructor here at UTPA. I have a bit of mixed feelings about it. On one hand - it's going to be GREAT experience for me. I'll be working with secondary students, something I've never done before. Plus, it looks nifty on my resume: English Instructor at UTPA

But on the other hand - I'm a bit afraid. Bruno (who used to be in charge of the computer labs at the university here) tells me that he dreaded when the kiddos would come into the labs to use the computers because they were rowdy. I taught middle school for two years, so I know all about rowdy. But what if I've 'lost it', as in - my touch as a teacher? :-/

Plus, there goes my Saturdays. And once in awhile I'm busy on Saturdays. I like to do conferences, readings, ect.

But... its not permenant. And, the extra money will be wonderful, plus the experience is very nice. And.. it's a little taste of teaching high school which is something I've never done before. I'm thinking of teaching high school once I graduate with my MFA if no university work is available here in the valley. Like, AP/concurrent enrollment high school kiddos. I already have my lisence so it's doable. And this will help me see if that's really what I want to do.

Anyway... other news? Oh yes. A conference! I'm thinking of prepping a proposal.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Conference at South Texas College Feb 24-26, 2010
Call for Submissions“De Diosa a Hembra to Chicana: Celebrating the Last40 Years of Chicana Activism.”2011 NACCS-Tejas Regional Conference
South Texas College, McAllen, Tejas
24-26 February 2011

The Mexican American Studies Program at South Texas College is accepting submissions for papers, exhibits, performances, or cultural productions for the2011 NACCS Tejas Regional Conference at South Texas College. The year1971 can be considered a turning point in Chicana activism as a group of Chicana leaders from across the United States came together to voice theirconcerns as women. These concerns stemmed from discrimination in the home,work place, school, and within the Chicano Movement itself. Other issues addressed at the conference included concerns over healthcare and the relationship to other feminist movements and sexuality. These women, numbering in the hundreds, united and disunited in Houston, and sought various resolutions to their concerns as they strived for social, cultural, racial, gender,and sexual equality. This is the historical spirit that will be celebrated and examined during the 2011 NACCS Tejas Regional Conference that will be heldon the 24th through the 26th of February at South Texas College.

The NACCS Tejas Regional conference will provide a forum through which we can collectively explore the past, present, and future of Chicana activism.While the primary theme for the conference centers on analyzing and reflectingon Chicana activism, other topics related to the Chicana/o, Latina/o, or MexicanAmerican experience are also welcomed. A 100-250 word abstract should besubmitted for the paper, panel, exhibit, performance, or other.

Deadline for Submissions: December 7, 2010

Send questions and proposals electronically to Victor Gomez

It's local! So no travel costs. But I want to get a panel going... hmm..