Katie's Writing

So today I'm struggling a little bit with writing in my blog.

First - a confession. No news to share today, folks. This one is purely reflective.

Ok I lied. A little tidbit of news. I might be going back into teaching :-X But part time. so rest asured that I won't be doing too much harm to today's youth.

That aside - last night in poetry class I had the mother of all migraines. It started coming on the minute I arrived on campus. I should have felt it coming, and stayed home. But no, I didn't listen, and decided to go anyway.

And in class, we were discussing duende, the source of poetry, and we did some writing exercises. Boy - I tell you, I'm used to being in some kind of pain, but migraine pain is a little bit worse than stomach pains. So umm... its hard to write under circumstances.

Anyway - in class we were talking about the trends in poetry, too. How poetry today is more experimental, more about language play. And how confessional poems are horribly out of fashion. Oh boohoo. You know - I'm guilty of this. Here's Katie's confession.

I don't like confessional poetry. Yet - I write it. Huh?

I'm weird! I know! I've always looked down on it, like - for example, Plath. Ok, no denying her writing is good but umm... do I need to know the gooey details of her life? Why not write about something less depressing?

And yet, taking a look at my own writing - its all about my life, my experiences, what my body sees, feels, takes into itself. I draw on my past relationships with people, experiences with culture, what I take in from the tip of my tasting tongue. For me - that's my poetry.

What could be more sickingly confessional?

So... on the surface, I don't like confessional poets. But, if you get past my pith, you'll see that I must love them so much that I've become one of them. Without realizing it.

Kind of like how i'm slowly becoming my mother.



There. My Katie Confessional Thursday is complete.