Chapbook Progress, Thesis Work, new Poem, y mas mas mas


So as I had hinted at before, I'm working on my second chapbook. My publisher requested I send her a new manuscript ASAP (ahh!) and well one certainly cannot pass up such an opportunity.

So yesterday I was sifting through my latest poems, trying to see what grains I could expand into a decently sized manuscript - and I decided on using my nature poems. So this will be my next work, nature/feminist poems that address identity. Tenetive title is The Garden of Dresses, named after my personal favorite poem, about a modern day Eve putting on a little black dress.

I'm excited! For the next month or so I will be continuing to write additional poems, adding to the collection AND I will also be working on finding more of the selected poems first publications, like in journals, anthologies, ect. My goal is to have 25% of the poems already appearing in some sort of publication. Admittably, I have a long way to go on that end.

Not only this, but I'm also working with ire'ne lara silva on helping her put together a little tour of the valley. Be on the lookout for an upcoming reading at Cosina del Caribe, my new favorite spot in the RGV to host readings and open mics.

And of course then there's my thesis. I have so much work to do on that end, too. Though - I'm getting pretty positive feedback from my committee (ok well yesterday I got positive feedback) so I'm generally feeling pretty good about this whole deal.

So Katie's doing just fine. In fact, she's started taking Zumba classes and dances like a silly white girl in front of class because she thinks no one is watching her (in reality, though, likely they are pointing and giggling at my attempt to booty-shake).

I will write my poems in the same way - write as if no one is reading. :-)

Ah - before I go I'll leave you with a link. Print journals that accept electronic submissions. Nice.


  1. Katie,

    I'm so excited for you. I love your blog! Definitely looking forward to reading your next book of poems.

    Maria M. M.

  2. Maria!! You read my blog?? Oh my goodness ::blushing:: Don't read too far back... lol! Sometimes I think I write too much.

    Thank you so much for everything you've done. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me. Yes - next book is in the works. Will be sending it your way very soon.

    Hugs - Katie


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