Upcoming EGADS! Conference


So about a week ago I made a last minute decision to go ahead and submit to the EGADS! conference at the University of Texas at Brownsville. What the heck, I thought, it'll be a good opportunity to add something to the CV without having to pay any travel expenses. The downside was that it happens to be on a Saturday, which means that I'll need a day off from job #2.

Last night I get notification that my proposal's been accepted. Hooray!

Basically what I'm going to do is kind of run through my thesis defense - a portion of it anyway. It will be good practice, and a good way to bounce ideas off of anyone who attends. Hmmm.. likely it will be dismal. I'll invite my parents X-P

So it feels nice to have something on the horizon again. I've just been twiddling my thumbs in my own little world these past few weeks. You know, I haven't had a reading or presentation since November. But I felt like I needed a break, and I had one.


Today, TODAY I really feel like myself again.

Oh, you want some info on EGADS? Why yes, of course... let me pull that out for you...


And just so you know, I WILL be talking about sex. Don't say I didn't warn you. I mean, come on, EGADS was totally asking for it when they titled this year's conference: Pleasure and Pain...