Ok so my life's once again filled with poems.

First, I'll begin with the best news. Conte will be publishing my poem, "South Texas Lawn Song." Conte's actually the only place I sent the piece, since it was so new! I've never had a poem accepted on its first run, so this is super encouraging. This summer, my poetic style is kind of morphing, and I think this is a sign that its morphing in a good direction. "South Texas Lawn Song" is different from my other poems, and took forrreverrr to get perfect. But now its perfect, and will be in a wonderful journal :-) The best part is that Conte is an ejournal, so you'll be able to read it right when it comes out. Yay!

In other good news: I'm going to be interviewed! That's right, Brenda Nettles Riojas, the voice of Corozon Bilingue on our local public radio station, KMBH 88.1, asked me if I'd be willing to appear on her show sometime in the near future. I'll have details to come. But meantime, check out their website here! Brenda's interviewed a host of great poets, including Amalia Ortiz, Viola Canales, and Kamala Platt.

And in other news? Ah. Last night!

Twas a great success at Carinos. Again, I've been reading my new poetry as opposed to my older stuff, and I think its going over well. I mean, my new poems aren't so much spoken word type pieces, and I feel a bit out of place reading them... but... that's what I'm passionate about right now! So that's what I read, actually, "South Texas Lawn Song," a new metrical piece (gasp), and one old poem, "Original Sin" which you can check out on Writers of the Rio Grande. I had to leave the reading a bit early (since my parents were with me and were getting antsy), but for me, the highlight of the night was hearing Ed Clint play his original music, Narco Train. It was awesome!! But you can hear him here.

So once I find some pictures, I'll post. I'm pretty sure someone took pictures, and I'll be checking Facebook.

Was a great 24 hours for the poet Katie. Can't wait to see what's next ;)