Poetry Flash Mob


Ok NOW I feel cool to finally be a part of a FLASH MOB!


The Rio Grande Valley will be one of the hosts and participants of the global event, "100 Thousand Poets For Change," being held simultaneously on Sept. 24 in 350 cities and 70 countries as part of the largest poetry reading in history to promote environmental, social, and political change.

A "flash mob poetry reading" is planned for 8 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, at the McAllen Creative Incubator (1001 S. 16th St., McAllen, Texas.)

Poets reading in the Valley will be focusing on local environmental issues and speaking against the proposed expansion of the Border Wall, which is cutting off access to ecotourism for the region as well as cutting off access to water for ocelots and other felines and other mammals, cactus wrens and other birds, such as chachalacas.

Amalia Ortiz, Katie Hoerth, Kamala Platt, Kim Snyder, Ray Perez, Francisco Pina, Katy L. Martin, Julie Corpus, and Daniel García Ordaz are among the many invited poets and entertainers scheduled to appear.

For more information, contact Valley event coordinator Daniel García Ordaz at poetmariachi@hotmail.com.

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The official release from the global organizer is attached and copy/pasted below:



Michael Rothenberg, Founder

100 Thousand Poets for Change

P.O. Box 870

Guerneville, Ca 95446

Phone: 305-753-4569



Poets Worldwide Unite for the Truly Historic "100 Thousand Poets for Change" Event

Poets in 350 cities representing 70 countries are currently organizing the largest poetry reading in history

with over 400 individual events scheduled to take place simultaneously on September 24th to promote

environmental, social, and political change.

Poets, writers, artists, and humanitarians will create, perform, educate and demonstrate, in their individual

communities, and decide their own specific area of focus for change within the overall framework of

peace and sustainability, which founder Michael Rothenberg stated, “…is a major concern worldwide and

the guiding principle for this global event.”

Bob Holman and Margery Snyder, in a recent article on About.com said, “the beauty of the concept of 100

Thousand Poets for Change is that it is completely decentralized and completely inclusive.”

The events range from a poetry and peace gathering in strife-torn Jalalabad, Afghanistan, to poets in

Nogales, Mexico and Nogales, Arizona reading poems to each other across the border fence. There are

13 events in Mexico City alone, 24 events planned in India and 7 in Nigeria. Poetry demonstrations are

also being organized in political hotspots such as Cairo, Egypt and Madison, Wisconsin. Along the Platte

River near Omaha, Nebraska poets will be demonstrating against TransCanada’s planned Keystone XL

tar sands pipeline.

More examples of events can be easily accessed on the home page of the 100 Thousand Poets for

Change website at www.100TPC.org.

All those involved are hoping, through their actions and events, to seize and redirect the political and

social dialogue of the day and turn the narrative of civilization towards peace and sustainability.

Each city organizer and their community has an individual Event Location blog page on the main website

for posting written material, poetry, artwork, photos, and video to document this global mega-event across

national borders.

Immediately following September 24th all documentation on the 100TPC.org website will be preserved by

Stanford University in California, which has recognized 100 Thousand Poets for Change as an historical

event, the largest poetry reading in history. They will archive the complete contents of the website,

100TPC.org, as part of their digital archiving program LOCKSS.

Founder Michael Rothenberg is a widely known poet, songwriter, editor of the online literary magazine

Bigbridge.org and an environmental activist based in Northern California.

For information contact: http://www.100TPC.org

Contact: walterblue@bigbridge.org

Phone: 305-753-4569


  1. This is such a cool event and what an amazing way to promote change and show how vibrant poetry is all over the world! I'm so glad to learn about this and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything turns out.


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