Year 2 of Blogging

And so today marks the end of Blog Year II!

Let's blast to the past - this time last year
and... two years ago (almost)

I love it!

So this blog is pretty much all about me, my struggles to become a better writer and professional.

Its been a great journey. This year was super eventful for Poet Katie. I remember feeling uber resolved to finish my MFA, publish publish publish, and.... ::drum roll please:: teach!

I did it, I did it all :-)

What a fantastic year! And now, here I am today, wide eyed, bushy tailed, and ready for my next adventures.

Here's a few favorite highlights:

9/14: "I've never stripped. Nor do I have a scar riding across my abdomon from a tummy tuck or c-section. Nor do my boobs sag (promise)"

10/22: Chocolate Sundae published in McAllen Monitor

11/11: "So I totally didn't control myself and I totally had to hug everyone. I'm a dork, a complete valley girl but that's ok I've come to terms with myself." (When I presented at El Mundo Zurdo and met my Mouthfeel Press mujeres!)

12/15: I was at the library yesterday, browsing through thesis manuscripts in the special collections area. I come across a manuscript that says "Hoerth". My heart skips a beat. Did my thesis finish itself? It's a UTPA miracle! I open up the black book, and no... no indeed it is not my thesis. It was my daddy's thesis. At that moment, I imagined mine, completed, sitting next to his on the shelf. That's where it'll be come April. It must be done. Yeah, some of that motivation to finish finish finish that thesis!!

1/21: So as I had hinted at before, I'm working on my second chapbook. My publisher requested I send her a new manuscript ASAP (ahh!) and well one certainly cannot pass up such an opportunity. Can't wait! :-D Still real excited about this one

2/28: as much as I loved NACCs, I'm glad its finally over. My the time I left my book signing, I was exhausted, poetryed out, and ready for some respite NACCS! It just was exhausting...

3/16: Nuff said.

4/14: Oh oh oh, the biggest news? I passed my defense! The Ripening of Mangos is a go go, and I will be graduating with the MFA next month... WOOHOO!

Plus! La Pulga Beauties Published in Front Porch!

5/2: Did I ever mention about me applying for a scholarship with West Chester University's poetry conference/workshop?

Well, I applied - plus submitted to participate in Dana Gioia's juried poetry workshop. I got notification today that YES, I was selected to participate in Gioia's workshop and information on scholarship will come in the next few days!!!

6/16: Dana Gioia makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside: So I wave him down, and we head into an empty classroom. The first thing I ask him is, did you bring me into your workshop by some tragic mistake? Because... I'm not really a metrical poet....
and he laughs. "No no, my dear," he answers...  "You've got real promise kid"

7/27:  Today, I got an email from none other than Molly Peacock! If you've read my West Chester Saga, you'll know the story: Girl decides to wear six inch heals, Girl gets caught in Philadelphia rain, Girl meets poet, Poet offers girl ride, girl feels giddy and talks poet's ear off, etc etc...
Well long story short, Molly wanted to read my thesis. A few weeks ago (After taking an nth glance at it myself) I send it her way. And she got back to me today with some very encouraging comments.

8/15: Conte featured South Texas Lawn Song

8/3: Today I received an email from AWP informing me that my panel, Border Bodies: Womanhood in Verse, has been accepted for inclusion in the 2012 conference. Happy dance!!

8/25: I'm excited. I just got the news that I'll be teaching an English 1301 course at South Texas College this fall.

Super year long story short:

Girl blogs about goals, girl works real hard, girl meets goals.

And now that I've met them, whatever could be next?!

Stay tuned.