So How Was Carinos, Katiekins?

Fantastic, thanks for asking.

Here are a few pictures, taken by, you guessed it! My BruBru.

There's me! In all my mistress of ceremonies glory

Oh! That's my dad at the guitar. And my mom...
 It was pretty packed, as usual.

Here's a nice group picture! Oh, I stand out I don't need to point myself out. But! My mom's standing next to me. And who is that?  To my other side is Christopher Carmona, Beat Poet extrodinairre. And standing next to him in that adorable little hat is Edward Vidaurre, general manager of Carinos by day, Barrio Poet by night.

Oh! I just love this picture. Lily and I! Lily's such a great host :) Her hubby's Edward... who is equally awesome, and who I am forever indebted to for helping me put this wonderful event together at his restaurant.

Let me recap the evening:

I only slaughtered a few peoples' names.

I sold a good stack of books.

I recited my sonnet without hiccup or slur.

I drank sangria, and was very merry by the end of the evening!

All in all, a success!

Can't wait for the next reading, this coming Friday. Excited to meet and read alongside Texas Poet Laureate Jan Seale!