Napowrimo 21

I'm behind again -_- why do these days have to be so busy??

Today's task was to write a kenning poem. I kinda sorta did it and also broke the rules.

You are

You are
Large, the heat-creator,
My day swirls around your needs
Like planets swirl around the sun.
You always want more,
Need more,
Morning, noon, and night,
Swallowing pancakes like worlds,
Sandwiches like stars,
Salads like atoms,

Fusing them together,

You are my catch-basin of all,
Of desire, where everything
Ends up, life-nourisher,
A pillow for the head.

You are the life-cradler,
Underneath this skin,
a tiny place where cells
join and leap into being.

You are a truth-knower –
Rising in hope
And sinking in despair,
A gut-wrencher,
A pain-holder,
An everything-swallower,
Spit, food, hopes, sadness
Into your darkness
Into your light.

You are
Always expanding
With my breath,
Always contracting
With my breath.
I suck you in
Hold you in,
You jean-filler,
You button-buster,
You cheek-flusher,
Hide you from the world,
You skin-stretcher,
From the times I fed you,
Denied you everything
Because your wailing
Brought me comfort.

You are
The tickle-receiver
The giggle-generator,
Meadow of peach fuzz
And the softest of my skin --
The panza,
The road, the trodden trail,
Portal to another world

Before the world began.