Napowrimo 6 and 7

The going is getting tough. I'm chugging along.

Yesterday I got so tied up with grading essays that my brain went numb. Then I went for a run, seven miles. And by the time I got home it was eleven in the evening and I collapsed into the wonder of slumber.

Needless to say, I didn't get any writing done.

Today was tough, too, but I found bits and pieces of time to put together two shitty poems. Ugh. One I wrote in the brief moment I had before class. The other I wrote after my night class, lying on the sofa, my brain only halfway turned on. I'm beat. Tomorrow I'm traveling. I'm thinking that, on the road, I'll have some time to scribble something if B does the majority of the driving as he oft does. We shall see.

An Ode to Carbohydrates

I’m told you’re bad for me –
That you’ll linger on the stomach,
Go straight for the thighs.

Diabetes. Obesity. Stress
All come from you.
You’re the enemy, white bread
Today’s forbidden fruit
That I pluck from the garden
Of the bread aisle, shamefully
Toss into my cart, hide it beneath
The tubs of kale.

I crave you --
That shot of sugar to the blood,
That spring in my step,
That energy only you can give.
How can this be bad?

Aren’t there worse sins
A woman can commit
Than filling her stomach up,
Than satisfying that hunger
Than giving in to the temptation
Of finally being satisfied?

The End of Love

He says we’ll meet one of three ends --
will our universe of connections be ripped apart
Like atoms, will we simply freeze

And drift away from one another, the end
A pool of darkness like a pupil, a part
Of your body that makes me freeze

Still when you look into my eyes, the end
An infinity away. Or will we part
Ways the way the winter freezes,

Freezes and thaws, a cycle that never ends?