Napo 18

I disregarded the prompt today, which was to make up words.
Instead, I wrote about a chamoy lollipop. I used to hate these things as a kid. I thought they were some cruel joke my friends liked to play on me. I mean, candy that's hot and sour? Gross. But underneath that, mmmmmmm the core is the sweetest, tastiest watermelon candy you've ever had, perhaps even yummier because of the trouble it takes to get to it.
Love's maybe like that, too.

Chamoy Lollipop

To love you is to take you whole
Into my mouth, knowing the taste
Of you will burn my tongue, my lips,
Make my mouth flood with saliva.

To love you is to let you sizzle,
To feel the prang and pang
And still, go in for another lick.
Underneath this skin of sandpaper,

I know there’s sweetness, the dulcet
Of watermelon. Yes, there has to be,
And once you break through the rough
Exterior, you taste it, sweeter than ever

Against the fire of what you were,

Dissolved by my persistent mouth.