Napo 2

Today's prompt was to write a recipe poem. Since I'm thinking a lot about Helen lately, I decided to write a bit about her and her recipe for omelets.

Helen of Troy’s Recipe for Omelets

First you gather everything you need:
A swan’s egg, perfect, round, and cold
To the touch. Olive oil, slick like skin.
A whisk. A sizzling pan. Some salt and pepper.

The perfect thing about omelets 
is that everyone has their own desires 
to be fulfilled. You can please them all
With just this simple egg.
Denver. Southwestern. Greek.
All men share a hunger
With subtle differences
You can learn to please.

Tell him you created this
Just for him and wink
As you crack the egg
With your hand.

Let the white wash your palms,
Let the yolk burst into a sunrise
Of gold. Use only the freshest herbs
That always taste of spring.
Whisk until it starts to foam.

Use a low heat. Listen for the kiss
Of oil on egg. Don’t fuss too much
Or it won’t look effortless.
It must be effortless,
This creation of perfection.
Sprinkle what whets the appetite inside
Then flip it with a single twist
Of the wrist. Give it one more minute
To set. Then slide it on a plate,
You garnish lavishly with love.

Know he was made to devour.
Understand his hunger.

Use it to survive.