The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue Coming Soon!

Hooray! My next poetry collection, The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue, will be released this fall from Angelina River Press! I'm over-the-moon excited to share this lovely with the world. Publisher sent me the cover design and the book is now officially in the works. I can't wait to hold it in my hands. 

The book revisions three Texas legends, the eponymous one, Slue Foot Sue, is Pecos Bill's lesser known girlfriend and partner in crime. The poems tell her narrative as the focus. She's just as wild as he is, maybe more, and totally larger than life. The other narratives include Lobo Girl, a feral child case from the 1830's in Del Rio, and La Sirena, a Native American legend about a woman who morphed into a mermaid after kissing a catfish. It's a collection of feminist revisionist myth, but of course, revisionist myth is my thing.

Publisher had this to say:

Award-winning poet Katherine Hoerth's The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue opens with a poem presenting the birth of a wild Texas red-headed woman who springs full-grown from an ear of corn. She rides away--no doubt on one of those quarter horses on the cover--to vanish in the distance on the High Plains of Texas with the skyline of Amarillo on the horizon.

You know, this whole new book thing never gets old. It's always an adventure. This book taught me so much about structuring a collection, theme, and it allowed me to experiment and grow as a poet. I think it's my best work yet, and I can't wait to share it with the world! Of course, I'll be keeping y'all posted on the details. 

You can find out more about Angelina River Press here! They've got some nifty titles by some nifty authors I admire greatly (uh, Jan Seale much?). Anywho, seeing this book take shape inspires me to get working on the next one, which is already a dirty little thought in my dirty little mind. Onward!