Napo 29

Eve During Quarantine

Is this how she felt millennia
Ago, sheltered in Eden’s refuge?
A cupboard always full
Of everything she needed—
Garbanzo beans and quinoa,
Organic mac and cheese,
Jars and jars of marinara sauce
So red and blushing.
A freezer full of chicken,
Ground beef, loins of pork.
A bed, rendering pleasure.
A home, a foundry of succor.
Here, I want for nothing
Save the sunset, red like an apple
Or a pomegranate or a cherry,
Setting on a backdrop of a dead city.
Standing in her garden,
Naked, did Eve gaze beyond
The walls of her garden
Like me, standing at my window,
Smudging it with her palms,
And weep? This fragile body
Be damned. Mortality
Be damned. Life be damned.
Did she ache to return
to the work of the living?