Napo 5: Why I Never Mow the Lawn

 I had a little fun today. I read "I Knew a Woman" by Roethke and thought I'd write my own sexy lawn mowing poem. Only I never mow the lawn... 

Why I Never Mow My Lawn


As far as our neighbors are concerned,

There’s nothing worse than lovegrass

Taking over the yard. Lovegrass having her way

With the a lawn, a patch of grass,

Or witchgrass flourishing, showing off

Her bare seeds for the cul-de-sac to see.

Oh dear, chickweeds with alabaster petals

Are about to bloom. The foxtails curl and flop.

A patch of clovers whiten. The stinkgrass spreads

Unashamed. A bloom of sunflowers

Open their petals like a robe for all the street to see,

the button in the middle begging the bees to touch

the center of themselves. Oh, every single spring


I love the saturnalia Of weeds intermingling,

smutgrass spreading, sandburs pricking my skin,

the morning glories pink and filled with glory.

The HOA has other plans and issues a citation:

Mow it down or else? This spring, I’ll take the ticket,

Thank you very much, and wade into the tall grass

To feel it tickling against my naked legs.