Katie Reads to the Children

Ok so maybe they're not so much children but more high schoolers, and man, what a crowd!

Reading to kiddos = very different than reading to adults. I know, I know, I teach high school so I'm used to them by now :) But still, it was a great experience today.

I was invited by Mr. Daniel Garcia Ordaz to come to McAllen Memorial High School and read some poems. I had a good time, stayed the entire day to read poems and talk about writing. One girl came up to me and said, "You know, at first I didn't get your poems but then I thought about them.... and I loved them!" LoL. Yep. That's the job of a post-modernist poet. To make the reader/listener participate in the construction of meaning. So it was good to hear :-)

When I write my poems, I try to have multiple layers of meaning. On the surface, they're cute/sexy/odd. But usually, underneath that, I comment about society. So... wow I was pretty impressed that a 15 year old girl 'got' the poems. I would just have been happy with an amused look, LOL.

So tis Friday. And tomorrow is the official graduation. No, I'm not walking. I've decided to save that for the PhD, which I will definitely have to go on to do, someday... someday... someday :)