Poetry Al Dente!

Aww, why are you so happy, Katie?

LoL. Poetry reading last night was fantastic!

So I was invited by Edward Vidaurre to read at Poetry Al Dente last night, and sure did have a good time. There were a lot of familiar valley poets there, so it felt much like a big group of friends all getting together to enjoy poetry, pasta, and vino too of course.

But the best part?

Bruno came to the reading, and brought my fam too! But it was a surprise, you see - I was there eating my dinner with at a table with some new friends from UTB, and Bruno taps me on the shoulder, ta dah! Here is he. Bruno's not a big poetry guy, and so it just meant a lot to me to have him here.

Anyway, was a great evening. One of the best readings I've ever had the privledge to be a part of. Hopefully Johnny Carino's will be hosting us poets again sometime soon. I'll be there :D As long as I'm invited, that is.

Other than that, life's been pretty slow movin' for me lately. I'm psyched about the opportunity to attend the WCU poetry conference coming up. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm suffering from a bit of writer's block, but I think it's more of just me being lazy and out of 'workshop' mode. I've written ten pages of 'scrap' material this week, and none of it's formed into a poem yet. I either need to push myself more, or just be patient.

I'm leaning towards just being patient. What's the rush? Let the poems flow as they will.

Ok more updates later...