Ok Shame on Katie

Boo me for not posting regularly, I know.

It's just, I don't know, I haven't been in the mood to write reflectively, and stuff.

So since my last blogpost...

I've decided to go to the West Chester University poetry conference! I'm really excited about it. Even my plane ticket is booked so now there is no turning back. The lovely folks at WCU have offered me a scholarship. When I realized scholarship wouldn't be enough, I sent them a very sad email explaining my situation (because, you know, airfare is really expensive and poets don't make a lot of money and I'm living on ramen noodles, ect) So what do they do?

Double my scholarship! Booya! I was soo unbelievably surprised at the gesture. Now I have no choice but to accept. My lovely parents have even paid for my plane ticket. Gosh I feel all warm, fuzzy, and loved by everyone :) Tis a wonderful feeling.

So I'm now fretting over the details. What to wear? What to bring? How to navigate large airports? Will I have a lot of free time to gab away on the phone with beloved Bruno? Will beloved Bruno feed/medicate our precious cats? So many questions, unknowns, a little scary... but I will get over it.

Other good news:

I have work forthcoming in BorderSenses! Woohoo! A big special thanks to Lau Cesarco Eglin for, um.... liking my work enough to accept it into the beautiful publication.

Wow, so it's been a good week for Katie.

On a side note, Saturday I graduate :) I must then forward be referred to as "MaStEr Katie." That will do nicely!

On one more side note, I've broken out into pimplies, which I hope will go away before West Chester...