There's the beautiful Boundless 2011 cover! Ahh, the reception was nice :-)

So back to the poetry festival:

The Valley International Poetry festival was great this year. I participated only in the anthology release reading, and had a great time. I got to talk to the featured poet, Ken Jones, who was super nice and gave me a signed copy of his latest chapbook, Bones of Rebellion :D In return, I gave him directions around the valley. Fair trade, right? LoL.

I'll post a few pics. A local photographer, Iliana Spitz, took some fantastic pictures! Mine, not so much. I'm more of a camera phone from the back kind of girl. The rest of the festival looked really excited, but honestly I needed some veg time this weekend.

So veg it out I did, plus did some GRE study. Phew, finally, that number is getting to where I need it to be.

Twas a good week for me :-) I'm excited for 'what's next' and can't wait to start moving forward!

In other news:

Did I ever mention about me applying for a scholarship with West Chester University's poetry conference/workshop?

Well, I applied - plus submitted to participate in Dana Gioia's juried poetry workshop. I got notification today that YES, I was selected to participate in Gioia's workshop and information on scholarship will come in the next few days!!!


Ahh... Yeah, ok if you'd like more info: