Napowrimo 11

I want to come back to this poem later on. Today's prompt was to write a wine love poem, and I decided to write it in the voice of a Meanad.

Advice from a Thirsty Maenad

Because we're not immortal
and life is far too short,
you have to learn to savor

every moment. Uncork this evening
with laughter, slide off your shoes
and raise a glass to everything.

Learn to swallow discretion
and let your lips touch every glass
you find. Leave your mark

in scarlet kisses of the past.
Send back what doesn't bring
you pleasure with a wave

of the back of your hand.
Savor tartness on the lips,
honey on the tongue. Taste

earth. Taste sweat. Taste raindrops.
Kiss strangers. Don't look back.
Bite lips. Dance to the pulses.

Wake with fog in your head
with mauve on your lips,
a parched throat, an aftertaste

of doubt always on your tongue.