Napowrimo 14

Today's prompt was to write a poem in the form of questions. Here's mine:

Ten Questions

Why forgive when you can hold a grudge,
like Adam with his arms across his chest,
a chunk of apple stuck inside his throat?
And how can my mesquite tree keep faith

in such a violent gust of wind, release
the bean pods to the storm that took her limbs?
Did Noah's wife protest, doubt for a moment,
second guess and call his prophecies

the murmurings of madness? How does crow
taste? Is it sweet like dove? Did Hera
ever really think that Zeus would learn
to keep it in his pants? Why don't lantanas

just close up their petals when they're done,
why keeping on feeding thirsty hummingbirds?
And why should I forgive your numerous
mistakes? A toilet seat left up, machete

taken to my favorite prickly pear,
the way you always listen to the wind?
Because like Adam needed Eve, I need
you more than just an empty paradise.