NaPoWriMo #6

Today's prompt was to look out your window. I like always like that idea.

A battle rages here, of loveliness
Of death and of decay that brings the yard
To life again. The aloe vera reaches
Towards the sun with buds like little fingers

Of the ravenous for bread. Lantanas,
Smothered by their own roots in a pot
That’s just too small, bound over the rim,

their sunshine petals desperate
for the fragrant scent of earth.
The hibiscus that you planted springs
Ago blushes full of life to call

the swarms of honey bees into her blooms
 that sag with untouched pollen every year
a little more as honey bees and monarch
swarms grow thinner by the year. And there

I sit, beneath the great encino’s shade
Amidst it all, sipping on a glass
Of jasmine tea, thinking that the reason
For these lovely blooms must be me.