NaPoWriMo #4

Today's prompt was to write a lune. I wanted to write a little series of them. Here they are!

Lunes for the Morning Commute

Begin with skeletons
Of huisache in January, snapping
Of twigs underneath

Your weight. Stand,
Taste sunrise on your lips
Be a shadow

The morning silhouette
Surrendering to warmth, the green
That always comes

Almost a miracle
that brings a yawn up
from the belly

of your being.
The rain is only sweet
At winter’s end,

The water welcome
only in your parched mouth,
dry like Texas.

This is you:
A catkin on the branch
About to burst

Waiting for wind
In March, for hungry bees,
Swarms of monarchs

that time brings
to a trickle. The air
is pollen thick,

the heavy clouds
hang above, a periwinkle sky
slips its tongue

into your mouth
and lets the rain fall
on thirsty ground.