Napo 12

Today, it was a little tough to write. I had a really busy day at work, and I feel so far behind with everything. I feel like I'm spinning and spinning and getting nothing done.

My mind's been a little fuzzy since yesterday. I'm seeing a specialist for my recurring ear infections. I've had one that comes and goes since the beginning of the year, and it's done a ton of damage to my ear, destroying my ear drum and, I learned yesterday, some of the bones in my middle ear, too. My specialist is now referring me to another, more specialized specialist (I had no idea that was a thing) in Houston, to take over my case since it's gotten more complicated. So that sucks. Houston is an hour and a half from Beaumont. And he recommends surgery.
So I feel like I'm in a bit of a funk. I hate being sick all the time. But hopefully, this is what I need to finally get on the other side of this. We'll see. The saga continues.

But, I found a few moments this evening to at least get something down. Today's prompt was to write about a metamorphosis. I'm just not feeling that creative today, so I chose a butterfly, a swallowtail to be exact. I want to explore how we, as humans, especially girls, mature and change into the miraculous beings we are. That transformation is just as amazing. So that's what I'm getting at, though it doesn't quite come across just yet.


Miraculous—the metamorphosis
That happens within a cocoon,
Unseen, tucked away from light,
how wings are made from nothingness,
how colors bloom in sunset hues
how something earthbound can find
an appetite for sky within the corners
of its tiny insect brain. Miraculous,
the moment it emerges, unfolds those wings
and flits them softly, then, unknowing
thrusts itself into the wind, the swallowtail.

Miraculous—the metamorphosis,
That happens within her bedroom,
A cocoon of blankets wrapped around her body,
That she tucks away from the gazing world.
Miraculous how a teenaged girl
Like you emerged from the snugness of the earth,
And stood before the threshold of her bedroom,
A nesting doll, her future deep within her,
Waiting to emerge, to stretch its wings
And taste the clouds, to let the wind
Of change give her flight. Miraculous
How this earth-bound daughter
Found an appetite for sky.
Someday, she’ll thrust herself
Into the wind, the sun, the endless sky.